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Brickcom Announces OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X Bullet - World's 1st 2 Mega 150M Long Range IR 20X Zoom Bullet

Brickcom Corporation, a leading IP surveillance solution provider, is pleased to announce the Unique-Series superior night vision 2 Mega 150M Long Range IR 20X Zoom bullet network camera - OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X. Brickcom OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X network cameras is a two-megapixel bullet-style network camera designed for diverse and particular outdoor applications. With the IK10 vandal proof metal housing, IP67 waterproof outdoor enclosure and built-in fan and heater, it can stably deliver the reliable and outstanding image in the changeable weather, and is undoubtedly the best choice for the severe environments, such as the desert and the frozen area.

The announcement of OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X Bullet is another symbol for Brickcom's commitment to bringing the best IP video products to the market. The OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X Bullet reveals the following advantages and strengths:

Built-in IR Illuminators Effect Over 100 Meters
OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X’s built-in IR illuminators can be effective over 150 meters, which is capable of providing the superior clear image for the users in the extreme low lux situations. Thus, it will be mainly deployed in the long and narrow road, including the corridor, port, highway, and runway.

Embedded with Brickcom 120dB WDR Enhancement Technology
With Brickcom 120dB WDR Enhancement technology, the camera is able to display the crystal clear image in the scene even with the glare, high contrast, strong backlight, and light reflection. Additionally, the function of 20X zoom with auto focus enables users to not only focus precisely and quickly, but track and capture the image of the moving object easily.

Incorporate Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS) Technology
Since the function of zoom in /zoom out will cause the camera shaking and affect the image quality, Brickcom incorporate Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS) technology with OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X to effectively solve the problem of camera shaking. The DIS function can internally detects shaking of the image due to camera shaking, and performs digital compensation processing to suppress this shaking and stabilize the image output.

The OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X will be available in June 2015. For more detail about the OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X, please CONTACT US

Continuing to Strengthen its WDR Pro Product Portfolio, VIVOTEK Launches Four New Network Cameras: IB8338-H, IB8338-HR, FD8138-H and FD8338-HV

Taipei, Taiwan – VIVOTEK is pleased to announce the launch of four brand new network cameras, including two professional bullet-style network cameras, the IB8338-H and IB8338-HR, and two professional fixed-dome network cameras, the FD8138-H and FD8338-HV All of these advanced cameras are equipped with the latest 1-Megapixel CMOS sensor, 2.8 ~ 12 mm vari-focal, P-iris lens, VIVOTEK's advanced WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Pro technology.

In its continued endeavor to provide the market with network cameras with superior image quality, VIVOTEK has been dedicated to bolstering its portfolio of WDR Pro products. The IB8338-H, IB8338-HR, FD8138-H and FD8338-HV, all designed with WDR Pro technology, are able to capture detailed features whenever a subject of interest appears in high-contrast lighting environments and generate a vividly realistic image representative of the original scene. Incorporating Smart Stream and 3D Noise Reduction Technology, all four cameras can substantially reduce bandwidth consumption while at the same time enhancing image detail. Making these cameras even more powerful, a removable IR-cut filter as well as improved IR illuminators, effective up to 30M, ensure that the IB8338-H, IB8338-HR, FD8138-H and FD8338-HV can secure superior image quality around the clock. To further enhance image quality, these four new cameras also come with a 2.8 ~ 12 mm vari-focal, P-iris lens, which controls the iris with extreme precision via its built-in stepper motor. By using software controls, the lens maintains the iris opening at an optimal level at all times.

The uniquely-designed Daisy-Chain PoE extender is embedded within the IB8338-HR, allowing connecting any PoE IP cameras without an additional power source, thereby facilitating long-distance surveillance system implementation in factory areas, parking lots, crossroads, and outdoor sidewalks. Moreover, with adopting VIVOTEK's conduit box AP-FXC-0201, which is also designed with a Daisy-Chain PoE extender, FD8138-H and FD8338-HV are able to facilitate the easy implementation of a total PoE solution.

For robust defense against rain, dust, and even high-pressure water jets, the FD8338-HV, IB8338-H and IB8338-HR are armed with tough, IP66-rated housing. All of these features make the FD8338-HV, IB8338-H and IB8338-HR are the perfect cameras for any outdoor application.

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VIVOTEK Unveils Two State-of-the-art 5-Megapixel Fisheye Fixed Dome Network Cameras FE8181 and FE8181V

Taipei, Taiwan - VIVOTEK is pleased to announce the launch of its two market leading and innovative network cameras: FE8181 and FE8181V. In addition to 5-Megapixel and fisheye fixed dome features, the cameras are furnished with a removable IR-cut filter for Day & Night functionality, and a built-in 10 meter IR Illuminator for uniform lighting across a 360° surround view, making them standouts in the fisheye camera market. With the IR features superior image quality is guaranteed throughout the entire day.

FE8181 and FE8181V are designed with a 5-Megapixel CMOS sensor, enabling viewing resolution of 1920x1920 at a smooth 15 fps. Equipped with a 1.5 mm fisheye lens for 180° panoramic (wall mount) or 360° surround viewing (ceiling/floor/table mount), FE8181 and FE8181V are able to provide coverage of wide, open areas such as airports, shopping malls, parking lots, retail stores, offices and more, without blind spots. Featuring 3D Noise Reduction Technology, the cameras are able to capture clear, polished video under low-light conditions, which also helps to reduce bandwidth from sensor noise. Most uniquely, FE8181 and FE8181V, with built-in IR LEDs and patent protected light cup design, provide uniform 360° surround illumination for clear viewing up to distances of 10 meters, even in completely dark environments.

In addition, both cameras are especially designed with VIVOTEK’s Application Development Platform, a self-developed open platform for the deployment of intelligent applications. Video analytic functionality like object tracking, heat mapping, and people counting can be directly integrated within the camera, realizing intelligent surveillance and greatly contributing to business efficiency.

FE8181V, is especially designed with vandal-proof IK10-rated and weather-proof IP66-rated Housing, enabling the camera to withstand the elements as well as human-inflicted attacks. Moreover, with full EN50155 compliance, the camera can withstand shock and vibration, maintaining a stable and reliable video feed on a moving vehicle or turbulent machine.

Steve Ma, VIVOTEK's Executive VP, stated, "There are few fisheyes on the market that have good IR LEDs built in. It was through our R&D resources, extensive experience in fisheye technology, and ultimately an innovative spirit that we came to successfully develop the 5-Megapixel IR fisheye network cameras FE8181 and FE8181V. True to our commitment, with these cameras we are providing the market with an outstanding surveillance solution."

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Brickcom introduces their 5M and 3M cameras with ImmerVision® 360° Panomorph Lens.

Immervision 360° Panomorph lenses are the latest in 360° viewing technology.

ImmerVision viewing technology offers distortion-free display and the ability to plunge and navigate into immersive videos from cameras equipped with Panomorph lenses. Combined with the quality of Brickcom manufacturing, these cameras offer the latest technology at a competitive price. Feel free to compare, you will not find this technology at a better price.

Features of the Immervision 360° Panomorph Lens:
  • Bird´s Eye View of the entire area;
  • Digital Pan, Tilt and Zoom in every panomorph view;
  • Multiple virtual camera views from the same video source;
  • Panomorph image detection and calibration (Automatic Calibration Systems);
  • Different view perspective: ceiling (looking down), wall (horizontal) and ground (looking up).

Product Info: MD-500Ap-360P, MD-300Np-360P

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COMING SOON! Brickcom introducing their new Super Mini Camera. PH100-AP

The world´s first TRIPLE EXTENSIBLE CAMERA! A camera the size of a coin for inconspicuous monitoring with many features.
  • Smartest, Smallest and Affordable megapixel Camera
  • HDTV Quality (720p @ 30fps Streaming)
  • 3G USB dongle support
  • Edge Storage Recording/ Micro SD slot (64GB support)
  • Two Way Audio
  • 2 Pairs Digital Input/ Output Support
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Multi-Camera Support (Up to 3)
  • 7 meters cable support (*)
(*) Optional Features

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